Kaylyn & Whitley

Kaylyn and Whitley draw inspiration from daily life to help bring their luxury clothing and jewelry line to life. As a Hybrid of two names, the line reflects the confluence of two unique design aesthetics into one cohesive and timeless collection. In the process of rebranding these two names into one, I wanted the final piece to feel custom, luxurious, and sophisticated. The symbol is a unique custom combination between their two names made of a "k" and "w".

Referral Website

After the branding was complete, we moved into designing a landing page that would allow the user to “spread the love” to friends and family while earning rewards. When landing on the page, we created an easy to use form to enroll.

Responsive Design

As with most websites in todays world, we wanted to make sure the the design was scalable to work on a website, iPad, or mobile device. With the full bleed background image and simple layout, the design was able to be used on multiple platforms.