Evolve Paleo Foods

Evolve Paleo Foods is a unique company where they offer you a whole body solution when it comes to achieving your goals. Evolve is the only meal delivery company to have an on-staff doctor, an on-staff trainer, and numerous classically trained culinary chefs. To sum it up, Evolve is unique and I was tasked with giving them a new unique look.


Evolve was looking to update their current logo to make it feel more modern. They wanted to keep the current font, along with the hunter human from the original emblem. After hammering away at several versions, we landed on a word mark that uses the hunter as a “L” in the word mark.

Referral Website

After the branding was complete, we moved into designing a landing page that would allow the user to “spread the love” to friends and family while earning rewards. When landing on the page, we created an easy to use form to enroll.

Responsive Design

As with most websites in todays world, we wanted to make sure the the design was scalable to work on a website, iPad, or mobile device. With the full bleed background image and simple layout, the design was able to be used on multiple platforms.

Brand Style Guide

Since Evolve went through a branding overhaul, they wanted a marketing brand guide that could be sent to other franchises. We developed a style for print and digital advertising to help assist keeping the brand cohesive at each location.

01. About & Service
02. Banners
03. Postcards