2018 was a year of removing myself from .

In total, I posted 0 youtube videos, 4 Instagram post, and only 12 tweets. Looking back, removing myself from social media and the distractions it causes gave me a hell of a 2018. It was one of my biggest years in personal and .

In previous years, and were huge distractions for me as I tried to complete work and spend time with my family. Moving forward in #2019, I am myself to be present, rather than distracted. That means walking in the door and setting the phone down to create more time with my .

Work hard and  yourself.

Another I am still working on that I started in 2018 is getting up early. I used to be the individual that loved to sleep in, and stay up late. However, professionally it’s just not a habit. Since November/Day Light Savings, I’ve been getting up between 5:30-6:00 am.

Some benefits I have noticed are:

• I fall asleep easier at night, resulting in being rested.

• I have created an extra hour of “me” time in the morning.

• My brain is awake and , allowing me to be more productive at work.